The Silver Currant


A suspenseful historical fantasy full of witty banter and difficult dilemmas!

Don’t miss the sequel to The Crimson Inkwell. Get your copy today and follow Luella on her fantastical journey through memory, mystery, and love.

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Book Two of the Luella Winthrop Trilogy


Magical illnesses require magical cures, and time is running out.

It’s been months since I left my home town. It seems like only yesterday that my biggest concern was writing my next hit article. Now, I’m running from the police and desperately searching for the only man who may know how to cure me of a magical ailment.

I’m not alone, but I can feel the patience and energy of the man beside me diminish day by day. It’s hard to persuade him that I’m spending all my time looking for another man so I can be whole for him. I fear that the green monster of jealousy grows in him as surely as my own demons do in me.

What’s worse, as I discover more about my disease and its source, trust in even my closest friends is starting to wane. There’s a calm in understanding your misfortunes and terrible anxiety in learning you know so much less than you thought.

I just want to be free of all this and marry the man who has offered his heart to me. But, I’m afraid I cannot go where the remedy calls from. Some doors must remain closed, despite how well they’re hidden.

Whatever my path, I’d better move quickly because I’m starting to lose track of what’s real and what’s fantasy.


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