A Picture’s Worth


When Libby King, social media star, sets out for a technology detox, her resolve, physical fitness, and character will be pushed to her limits.

Clean, clever romance So refreshing to have a wholesome romance story that doesn't make me cringe over and over. Thank you, Quinn Rawling, for keeping it clean but also keeping it clever and refreshing.

John, Amazon Reader

Love these types of books. A fun romance with lots of humor, and clean (no swearing or inappropriate things). It was fun to see the character's perspectives change through knowing each other.

Trina Weaver


My name is Libby King. My social media account is the go-to source for all things celebrity, and it can be exhausting trying to keep up with them. Between figuring out where they’re filming and bumping into them “on accident” to get photos, I stay pretty busy. Maybe that’s why my friend Rowan force me to go on a technology detox. A hike in the mountains. Little did I know that would be the craziest experience of my personal and professional life. . .


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