Four Pleasantly Spooky Podcasts to Binge for Halloween

October is such a fun time of the year where magic floats around in the air and perhaps the veil between living and dead gets just a little thinner.

To augment the feeling of festivities, we’ve often found that the Halloween season can be enhanced by diving into some spooky media selections. Finding some good Halloween books and movies is great, but today we wanted to direct your attention to the deep, deep world of podcasts. Podcasts are great because typically they have a lot of content built-in. Podcast episodes typically consist of a longer format and you can listen while you do other tasks.

Here are some of our very favorite podcast choices for this October.

  • Studies in Shadow – If you love breaking recorded happenings and urban legends surrounding popular and folk paranormal happenings, Studies in Shadow is a perfect choice for you. Produced by our sister label, Bards and Brawlers, hosts Jack and Noah profile reported paranormal occurrences and break them down so listeners know what checks out, what is less reliable, and how to classify and what to do should you find yourself in the middle of such an experience. From Bigfoot to poltergeists to traveling artifacts, it’s a really fun podcast. The show’s tagline? Know Your Fear.
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  • The Magnus Archives – The Magnus Archives is a fictional narrative that spans over several seasons. The show is about a man who picks up a job at the Magnus Institute, an agency that takes down statements by people who have experienced a paranormal encounter. As he progresses in his job, things begin to get very weird and very dangerous. Each episode advances the overall plot while also featuring a twenty-minute-ish horror short story. The writing is phenomenal, and the production quality is top-notch. It’s a perfect podcast for long walks in the evening, drives to work, etc. Be advised, however, this podcast is best listened to when you can get through an entire episode in one sitting. The podcast is currently (2020) in its last season, so you can binge listen to over 100 episodes and catch up for its great finale.
The Magnus Archives - Wikipedia

  • Unexplained – In each episode of Unexplained, the host takes listeners through strange and eery true stories that have no satisfactory resolution. It touches on time-slips, UFOs, unexplained deaths, and even occult dabblings. It’s a great podcast for people who fully embrace and delight int the idea that they don’t and can’t know everything.
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  • Lore – Lore’s idea is simple and effective. It dives into the history of common folklore to trace where creatures, people, and places of nightmarish legend truly came from. Episodes reveal that sometimes true history is much darker than the fiction that gets built around such folklore.

Hope you can find something to your liking and Happy Halloween!