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Nothing rivals the mystery and delight that comes with a good read

The Crimson Inkwell by Kenneth A. Baldwin

Magic exists where we cannot see.

It lives in unexplained phenomena, in attraction to strangers,

In a pen and crimson inkwell, from a trunk, in a tent, at a far, in the fog.



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The Price of Freedom by Kenneth A. Baldwin

Gerar’s task is simple: put aside his own feelings on politics and organize an annual, world summit honoring five evil demigods. How far can one man kneel before breaking?


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A Picture’s Worth by Quinn Rawling

When Libby King, social media star, sets out for a technology detox, her resolve, physical fitness, and character will be pushed to her limits.


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Observation by Quinn Rawling

Erin Butler, fresh out of college, has just landed her first job as a high school teacher. She’s nervous, and she’s prepared for every contingency: room design, classroom management, lesson plans–everything, that is, except for the attention of her male co-workers.


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Italian Food Preservation by Luca Cristello

Italian Food Preservation is the perfect guide for people just starting out in food preservation, or for those more experienced with canning or jarring their own. You’ll recognize classic recipes, like Maraschino Cherries or pickled Giardiniera, and discover new favorites, like artichokes sott’olio.


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Italy’s Ligurian Table by Luca Cristello

Luca Cristello brings famous recipes from Liguria (like Pesto Alla Genovese and Focaccia) and lesser-known recipes (like Farinata and Trofie) to light through this new recipe book.


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Call It Kismet

A nice sunny vacation is great for forgetting your troubles, messing up an engagement, and stirring up old youthful flings that you never fully recovered from.


No Place Like It

When a small-town girl turned big-town reporter gets an assignment to cover her home’s quaint festival, she’s forced to confront shadows from her past– some of which look great in blue jeans.

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