3 Recipes We Can’t Wait to Try from Italy’s Ligurian Table

Luca Cristello has recently published his second title, Italy’s Ligurian Table. It’s part of a larger plan he has to publish a set of regional recipe books that bring lesser known Italian dishes to light.

First of all, after reading about Liguria, I did some google searches, and can I just say that I want heaven to look like that?

Seriously, people, if Christopher Columbus was actually born in this area, why did he ever bother sailing anywhere? It’s perfect.

If a plane ticket over there isn’t an option for the ole’ wallet, the next best thing is to sink our teeth into some of the recipes from the book. Think and eat like a local, and maybe we can take some of the edge off of these winter blues.

Here’s three must try recipes from his latest title.

Liguria Cake

We’ll be honest, this sounds kind of weird, but we’re into it. It’s like a vegetarian meatloaf made fancy by pine nuts. Our team is on the fence as to whether or not it’d be a good substitute for a main dish, but definitely an excellent side. It’d definitely be a great substitute for the same old mashed potatoes.

Wilted Spinach Salad

Spinach is a love hate type of green. Nutritionally it’s amazing–we’ve all seen Popeye–but flavor wise sometimes not so much. We are always excited for a new, delicious method of getting more spinach into our diet. Word to the wise, cook more than you think you’ll need because nothing cooks down like spinach. We tried a whole Costco bag and it ended up fitting comfortable in very normal sized non-stick.


And our vote for best project to do with your kids and or babysitting victims goes to…. trofie! The thought of homemade pasta is enough to make any foodie week at the knees, but the whole egg mess is daunting. This pasta doesn’t even use egg, but it’s delicious! And, it’s a blast to try a make those little curly shapes. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel like you’re part of an exclusive old, pasta-making, Italian grandma club.

Right now, Luca Cristello’s ebook is free, so head over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy so you can try some of these out.